Top Scores - Log 1 Contest (Part 1)

Mu Division
Arjun Chandar - 37
Max Kirkpatrick - 32

Alpha Division
Josh Aronson - 28
Marissa Bolton/Alex Singer - 15

Theta Division
Zach Berger - 45
Alan Herskowich - 38

Log 1 part 1--Tuesday after school
Two topics to choose from 1. Circles- Problems involve circles including area, lengths of circles or portions thereof, secant lines, chords, tangents, and central angles. 2. Matrices - Focus on manipulation of matrices also to include solutions of linear equations, determinants, inverses. Mu and Alpha levels could alos involve vectors including dot and cross products, eigen vectors, etc.

The 2008-2009 contest will consist of three testing rounds. The first round will include two Topic Tests. Students may either take the Circles Test or the Matrices Test. The Alpha and Mu Matrices test may also include problems on Vectors.
There will be no ciphering round this year, instead there will be a second set of Topic Tests. Students may either take the Geometry Test or the Number Theory Test.
The third test will be an Individual Test including level appropriate topics.
All tests will be 15 open answer questions to be completed in 30 minutes.
The goals for each test is to have enough easy problems that students new to competition are not discouraged and enough hard problems that experienced competitors are challenged and can be distinguished from one another by score for the purposes of awards.