Mu Alpha Theta regional competitions

by Arjun Chandar (Sunday, December 14, 2008 11:03 AM )

Hey everybody,

Just a reminder that all of you agreed to participate in at least one FAMAT regional competition this year. The first regional Invitational is Jan 31st. The other two may be more of a problem: one is in February during our winter break, and the third is in March; we may not do it because of spring break and SATs. All of you need to let Mr. Bronish know ASAP if you will attend the one in January. We will decide during our next meeting if we want to go to the other two.

On Saturday, January 10th, we will have a head-to-head competition at MCDS against Pinecrest Mu Alpha Theta. This will be a practice for the regional MAT's. Everyone is expected to attend this. Time to be announced. Let Mr. Bronish know if there are any complications.

Mr. Bronish has all of the certificates now, so we will have an induction ceremony soon- stay tuned.

Finally, here are the results from the Log I Contest:

Theta Division
Zach Berger - 45
Alan Herskowich - 38

Mu Division
Arjun Chandar - 37
Max Kirkpatrick - 32

Alpha Division
Josh Aronson - 28
Marissa Bolton/Alex Singer - 15

These scores will be noramlized by Log I and entered into the year long contest. The next round topics are
a) Geometry (anything is possible) b) Number Theory. We will have to predetermine which we are going to do.


Max and Arjun

Mu Alpha Theta: Upcoming Competitions

by Max Kirkpatrick (Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008 10:38 AM )

Mu Alpha Theta Members,

Just a reminder about some upcoming events...

  • The Barbara Nunn Exam (for MAT members in Honors Geometry or Honors Functions & Calculus I) is this Wednesday, Dec. 3 during tracks 2 and 3 in Smurfit.
  • The David Essner Exam (for MAT members in Honors Functions & Calculus II or any AP math) is this Thursday, Dec. 4 during tracks 1 and 2 in Smurfit.
  • Round 1 of the Log 1 Contest is next Tuesday, Dec. 9 after school in a location TBA, and is for ALL members. You will be able to choose between two 30-minute exams: Circles or Matrices.
Make sure to let your teachers know ahead of time. Detailed information about all of these events as well as practice exams can be found at

Max and Arjun

Getting Started on Wikispaces

by Max Kirkpatrick (Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2008 3:36 PM )
New and Returning Mu Alpha Theta Members,
We'd like to officially announce the debut of the new Mu Alpha Theta website. Please take a moment to take a look around, check out some of our upcoming competitions, and vote for your preferred type of club shirt. To become a member of the space, click here:
Max and Arjun